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Bridal and Special Occasion Services

Your special day deserves nothing but the best, and at Nauticuts Hair Salon, we’re here to make your dream hairstyle a reality. We understand the importance of looking and feeling your absolute best for weddings and special occasions, and our expert stylists are dedicated to creating the perfect hairstyle for you. From glamorous updos to sophisticated blowouts and everything in between, we offer a range of exquisite options to help you shine. Let’s explore our selection of wedding and special occasion hairstyles:

Bride with an up do

1. Updo – Starting at $68+


An updo is the epitome of elegance and grace, perfect for any wedding or special event. Our updo service, starting at $68, is designed to transform your hair into a beautiful work of art. Whether you envision a classic bun, a romantic chignon, or a chic and trendy updo, our skilled stylists are here to create a hairstyle that complements your overall look.

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Why Choose an Updo?


– Timeless Beauty: Updos are classic and versatile, ensuring you look both timeless and on-trend.


– Secure Style: With an updo, you don’t have to worry about your hair getting in your way; it’s a secure and comfortable choice for long events.


– Personalized Design: Our stylists will work closely with you to design an updo that matches your unique style and preferences.


2. Blow Dry – $30


A blowout is a perfect choice if you’re seeking a smooth, sleek, and polished look for your special day. Priced at $30, our blow dry service is designed to give your hair a boost of volume and a sleek finish. Whether you want to keep your hair straight or add some gentle waves, our expert stylists can achieve the look you desire.


Why Choose a Blow Dry?


– Sophisticated Style: A blowout creates a sophisticated and put-together look that’s perfect for special occasions.


– Versatile Finish: You can customize your blowout with the level of volume and wave that suits your style.


– Quick and Stylish: A blow dry is a quick and stylish option that makes a big impact.

woman with a roller set

3. Roller Set – $27


If you’re looking for a classic and romantic hairstyle, a roller set might be the ideal choice. Priced at $27, this service creates soft and bouncy curls that can add a touch of vintage charm to your look. Our skilled stylists will expertly set your hair in rollers to achieve a beautiful, retro-inspired style.


Why Choose a Roller Set?


– Romantic Elegance: Roller sets exude a romantic and classic elegance that’s perfect for weddings and special occasions.


– Vintage Vibes: The soft curls and waves achieved with a roller set offer a touch of vintage charm.


– Long-Lasting Style: Roller sets provide a long-lasting style that looks fabulous throughout your event.

Woman at a hair salon getting a wash and dry

4. Wash, Blow Dry, and Straighten – $50


For a sleek and polished look with a touch of modern elegance, our wash, blow dry, and straighten service, priced at $50, is an excellent choice. Our expert stylists will ensure your hair is thoroughly cleaned, dried, and straightened to perfection. Whether you’re attending a wedding or a special event, this service is designed to leave you looking flawless.


Why Choose a Wash, Blow Dry, and Straighten?


– Modern Sophistication: This service provides a sleek and modern look that’s perfect for contemporary events.


– Effortless Elegance: You can enjoy the elegance of straight hair without the hassle of styling it yourself.


– Versatile Finish: A straightened style complements a wide range of outfits and makeup looks.


Why Choose Nauticuts for Your Special Occasion Hairstyle?


At Nauticuts Hair Salon, we understand that your special occasion deserves a hairstyle that matches the significance of the day. Our experienced stylists are well-versed in creating beautiful and personalized hairstyles that make you look and feel your best. Here’s why you should choose us:


– Expert Stylists: Our skilled stylists are experienced in creating a wide range of wedding and special occasion hairstyles.


– Personalized Service: We take the time to understand your vision and work with you to create a hairstyle that matches your unique style.


– Affordable Pricing: We believe that looking your best should be accessible to everyone, so we offer competitive pricing for our special occasion hairstyles.


– Friendly and Relaxing Environment: Our salon provides a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere to ensure you have a pleasant experience.


– Attention to Detail: We pay attention to every detail to ensure your hairstyle looks impeccable and stays flawless throughout your event.


Your special day deserves a special look, and we’re here to make it happen. If you have any questions or want to book an appointment for a wedding or special occasion hairstyle, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re excited to be a part of your special day, helping you achieve a hairstyle that leaves you feeling confident and beautiful.


Join us at Nauticuts Hair Salon, where friendly smiles and expert hairstyling await you. Make your appointment today and get ready to shine with your chosen wedding or special occasion hairstyle. We look forward to being a part of your unforgettable moments!

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